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Thread: At the 100th Merridian - Where The Great Plains (and my membership) Begin!

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    At the 100th Merridian - Where The Great Plains (and my membership) Begin!

    Seasoned Greetings Fellow Travelers;
    First post by this new member.
    Looking forward to learning more about the BMW MOA Community and getting involved with the Red River Valley Chapter in North Dakota. Past three years have been roaming around the regional countryside on my Monza Blue 1976 R90/6 (complete with Krauser bags and matching Luftmeister fairing.) Always have been a fan of BMW and when the timing was right (mid-life crisis/wife allowed/bike was available - you chose) I went for it and have not regretted it. Forum intro's always reminded me of writing your own obituary, so I'll keep this brief. Feel free to drop me a note if you are looking to learn more about me, the bike, my backyard astronomy hobby or the gathering of eccentric, exotic and sometimes good music. heh.


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    Welcome t -

    Sounds like a nice bike to have under you...I like the color too!! Check out the Airheads forum for some good exchanges and occasionally an answer to a question... We'd love to see a picture of the bike...find the post a pic thread at the top of the Airheads forum.
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    From MARS
    Welcome aboard.

    If your roamings ever bring you down to KS, stop in. Bring your telescope; we've got a sky full of stars.


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    Welcome to another Airhead

    Seasons Greetings T, from another 76 R90/6 owner. Be sure to check out the Airheads section of the forum. It will have some great pics and info on bike maintenance/restorations, etc.

    76 R90/6
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    Is there still one curve on old 81 between Fargo and Grand Forks?
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    Cool Thanks for the warm welcome!

    Being a member of other forums (related to other hobbies) I would have never guessed I would have had so much feedback on my intro. Very Cool! As far as pics -- yes, I am in the process of scaling them for post... as far as Highway 81- lol - I think there are 4 all combined. Two between GF and Thompson, one by Buxton and one sweeping curve near Gardner. But on the plus side there are some nice stretches of new blacktop. Not a bad road -- except during sugar beet harvest when you have to watch for BIG trucks and beets that tend to jump off at the wrong times.

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