For those of you who are interested I'm please to announce that due to the success of this rally (that starts before and runs thru Americade) it's being moved from Main St to the Warrensburg Fairgrounds. This is something I've been pushing for the past few years and I couldn't be happier that it's finally happening. This will be the tenth year and the rally just couldn't grow anymore on Main Street.
The Warrensburg Fairgrounds is a very charming "New England" type of fairgrounds. Actually it would be a perfect place for a regional BMW rally too. There are permanent fairly new restrooms ( with running water) with lots of room for vendors and attendees and tons of level free parking. Plans are under way for camping for attendees. I would suspect there will be a very reasonable charge for this, the rest of the event is free for attendees.
This is also your chance to make this event more of a adventure, sport, and sport touring bike event. Know any vendors who handle the products your interested in? Tell them about it, their looking for quality vendors and the more BMW type of vendors the better! June 1 - 10 2012 More information at the Warrensburg Bike Rally Facebook page and