Well since BMW now really officially owns and operates Husqvarna, there seems to be no other good place to put this... but our friend Bill Conger, who some of you may know as an instructor at the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, SC is on his way to the Worlds Toughest Race. He leaves the day after Christmas to fly to South America and the race starts on January 1.

THis year it goes about 6000 miles in two weeks through Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Info on the Dakar is pretty easy to google, but only right here and a few other places can you get info on Bill... namely his blog at www.BC2Dakar.com

Husqvarna was generous enough to supply him with a brand new TXC449, and some spare parts. Bill had to fabricate a bunch of goodies for it, like a one-off bigger gas tank that fits on the subframe, and a combo bashplate/water tank up front underneath, a whole tower to accommodate the navigation gear, AND not least, an oil cooler takeoff and return point.

Cross posting pics here from his blog would be redundant to a degree so I urge you to check it out.

Here's a video of him training:

I'll try to update this as I hear more. Go Bill Go!