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    1150RT Warning Light

    Here's my R 1150RT story.......ignition on, ABS does it's thing, start the bike, ride off, ABS light goes out, warning light stays lit. Seems to be no problem with ABS or servo's (?). All light bulbs are in working order and stop light comes on when either front or rear brake lever is engaged. All wiring seems intact. Bike runs fine, brakes fine. No hesitation, No hard starting, No change in fuel consumption, oil consumption or power. So..........why is the warning light still on? Thanks for your help!

    Bob Ridenour

    2004 R1150 RT
    2007 F650 GS

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    Standard BMW answer: "They all do that".

    Sorry, I really don't know.
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    the tail light bulb is programmed that if the stop light filament burns out, the tail light bulb gets more amps or wattage to make it brighter when the brakes are applied. That is why you think that the lamp is working when in fact it is not. The warning light is telling you that. Change the tail/stop light bulb and you should be to go.
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    Here's the list of fault codes; yes change the bulb(s) even if they "look okay".

    Gen OFF, ABS ON = Only residual braking in both circuits.
    Gen OFF, ABS flashes at 1 Hz = ABS not available. Pull-away test not completed.
    Gen OFF, ABS flashes at 4 Hz = Only residual braking function available in both circuits.
    Gen ON, ABS off = rear light/brake light defective.
    Gen ON, ABS flashes at 1 Hz = At least one brake circuit without ABS.
    Gen ON, ABS flashes at 4 Hz =At least one brake circuit in residual braking function mode.
    Gen AND ABS flashing alternately at 1 Hz = Fluid level in Integral ABS too low, or Low voltage.

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    R1150RT Warning Light On

    Thanks to all who responded. PICINISCO hit it right on! The smaller of the "stop light" bulbs had indeed burnt out, leaving the larger bulb above it to take up the slack. From a safety stand point, how awesome is it that BMW thought to make this happen! This was an easy replacement. Undo the two thumb screws under the pillion seat and the entire rear light cluster came out as a unit. Simple! Again, thanks for your help.

    Bob Ridenour

    2004 R1150RT

    2007 F650GS (for sale, see flea market ad)

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    @Picinisco: thanks man; your post solved my problem and explained a strange set of symptoms that I was not seeing as a problem; fault code/warning light cleared for $1.99!

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