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Thread: Seattle Area Riders: David L. Hough Talk!

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    Seattle Area Riders: David L. Hough Talk!

    Once again come January 2012 at RideWest:

    David L. Hough Talk!

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    Read all of his articles that I could get ahold of over the years, and the books too.

    Love to attend, but those dates don't work well for me...

    Had a nice chat with David on the Edmonds/Kingston ferry a couple of years ago, wish the ride had been more than 25 minutes!

    Bill Johnston

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    A Saturday Morning.

    Once again... A good talk... Ya can't get tired of these.
    And to have someone so respected in the Motorcycling Community living amongst us...
    Hard not to go listen to this Gentleman.

    Thanks Dave.

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    He is strictly amazing. We never miss him when he's near.

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    He answered my questions and I didn't even get to ask them...

    Thanks, Dave.....
    Steve Clark
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