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Thread: 2011 Bloomsburg Rider, Jump Start your RT, RI - Fisherman?

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    2011 Bloomsburg Rider, Jump Start your RT, RI - Fisherman?

    Hey Riders.

    On a Hot Friday afternoon, I met a rider from Rhode Island with a starter issue
    and it was at the Bloomsberg, PA National Rally this July 2011.

    I believe your name is Jim.

    We recruited two other MOA members on 9th street, in the capsite area, and
    we jump started, ".....really Run, and Jumped on your bike" to get it going, and keep your R100RT (?) running for two visits to vendors for help.

    Twisted Throttle, and some other local place.

    This Airhead Twin ran hot, cuz I remember burning my leg on the left cam head, as we rode it onto the trailer, off site from Bloomsberg.

    We finished the day by rolling her on the trailer, and buying the Twisted Throttle crew some Subway Sandwiches and GatorAide's for their efforts...

    I never got your full name, or address...

    I hope that some other rider points you in the direction of this thread and just curious how'd you make out with the computer problem for your RT?

    We should plan to fish in the springtime when the trout and bass run begins!

    Contace me off list;

    Happy Holidays!

    Jim Soque
    MOA 141644
    Holbrook, NY
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