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Thread: NC Triangle area tech help/parts?

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    NC Triangle area tech help/parts?

    If you're in the Triangle and have one lying around, I need to buy or borrow a set of points and point plate for a /5 to solve my no spark issue (I think a bad Dyna III sensor plate, but I'd rather go back to points than mess with it for now). Could also use some tech help and a shoulder to cry on as I try to get this beast running. Needless to say, there will be . Probably some fibbing too. and fibbing and talking about motorcycles, doesn't get much better than that.

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    old parts

    I was trying to think who do I know with a bunch of old airhead parts in this area. One person that I can think of is Bobby Pearson, a Ambassador with more old BMW parts than anybody that I know. He has never forgiven BMW for discontinuing the airhead engine, and he has picked up parts from dealers that closed down. Unfortunately, he does not do internet and is unavailable by email. He has a lot of family medical situations taking up his time right now, but I will ask him about some /5 points tomorrow.

    If Bobby cannot help you, I would recommend Bombar Beemers as another source of old parts. There is an ad in this month's ON and Peter is a good mechanic on airhead Beemers. These days, a lot of shops will not work on airheads or old K75's, so I appreciate Peter working on the old bikes.

    If you would like to meet and talk about old BMWs, why don't you come to Bikers Breakfast, held every Sunday (except 12/25)at Carolina Brewery and Grill, on the edge of Pittsboro,NC, at the intersection of US 15-501 and US 64 bypass. The grill is next to the huge Lowe's store and a bunch of riders show up every Sunday. We have everything from /2's to the 1600's. You should find some airhead support around there at Breakfast.
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    Thanks. I'll try Peter Bombar as well, maybe he's got a used one rattling around on the shelf.

    And thanks for the invite to breakfast - hopefully I can make a dent in the honey-do list over the holidays, and free up a Sunday morning or two for breakfast.

    edit: called Peter, he can help. And may I add, what a nice guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stucknarut View Post

    edit: called Peter, he can help. And may I add, what a nice guy.
    1+ and a good wrench too!
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