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I'm glad you're ok! BTDT.

IF you do decide to get your insurance company involved, don't be surprised to see a very large repair bill - especially if you dented the tank. I had a similar 11 mph spill a couple years ago that resulted in over $3k in damage to my K75s. Rather than repair the old bike, I took the cash, sold the bike as is (it wasn't totalled), walked away with more than I'd paid for the bike 80k miles previous, and invested in my current bike.

If you keep the insurance company out of it and handle the repairs yourself, but let someone else do the painting, you're probably looking at a couple hundred plus the cost of painting. BTDT.

good luck.
Surprisingly enough I didn't dent the tank. I was pretty happy about that. I'm proabably just going to fix it on my own as it basically cosmetic. I'm sort of flirting with the idea though of getting insurance involved so that I can get my helmet replaced. I have to call my agent and check if I have equipment covered or not, and what they would pay towards a new helmet.