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Thread: Looking back on 2011

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    Looking back on 2011

    For some of us, 2011 was dismal. But for those of us lucky enough to ride, it was a completely different story. I went through some pictures this cold December morn and posted them at

    Great rides. Great memories! Hope to meet up with some of you on the road in 2012. Be safe.

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    2011 began well enough...

    in fact i was rockin the **** out of it until about mid June, when my hands began feeling *funny*... my right hand was first, with numbness and shooting aches/pains up into my elbow... as a stagehand/climber/rigger, this was disconcerting to say the least. i struggled along all summer, and finally just gave up trying to work about mid September. by that time, both hands were in bad shape, all swollen and very painful. my last motorcycle ride was back in August. after a short summer's evening ride-out, both hands swelled up so badly i thought the skin might split! sure did miss all that amazing late summer/autumn motorcycling weather we had after that stinkin hot July...

    was officially diagnosed with severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands, severe in the R and moderate in the L. first surgery was Oct 27, next surgery this week (Dec 22). seeing the hand therapist and getting back in the gym- back on track by February- working again- that's the goal.
    i did have a pretty fantastic trip over to Scotland's northern coast in early November! flew into Glasgow tok the train to Inverness, and rented a car, driving north from Inverness to spend the week in a house at Kyle Of Tongue.

    2012 is going to be a gas, we are planning a trip on the bikes up to Nova Scotia!
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    2011 2012


    I enjoyed the photos of your 2011 rides. I suggest that you include my part of Northern CA in your 2012 rides, if you are into spectacular views and great twisties!

    I had been w/o bike for about 25 years, then I moved to Trinity County in 2006. I couldn't be here and not ride these fantastic bike roads. So, after I got my house built and a number of property improvements in order, I picked up my 2000 C machine in July of 2010. Lot's of great rides, little to no traffic....way cool!

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    Any "year" on a bike is a good year, because while cars move the body, motorcycle move the soul.
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    Looks like you had a good year. Very nice photos - I've never been to that part of the country, but looks like it'd be worth spending time there.
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    Poor Start - Fine Finish

    The riding year began cool and wet in Ontario for me. Did get a few nice local rides before renovations on the house's kitchen began and commanded too much of my time. Pity, because the weather had turned fine.

    But, mid-September saw the arrival of the new RT and a need to do some serious breaking in.

    A nice end to the season.
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    Rode every month this year.

    December 1st was a clear, relatively warm (low 40's) day. Rode to work. That makes all 12 calendar months. Have ridden 3 times this month. Rode to PA to the rally and back on a 34 year old motorcycle. THAT was memorable!
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