I've been meaning to ask this question for years, but I've been a little out of the BMW loop for a while. I do have a couple "modern" oil heads, but I got rid of my one flying brick and mainly stick to airheads or /2's. My very favorite bike of all time is my R80ST. Daily rider and my all around "best bike in the world" nominee.

Over the years I have considered updating this bike with a newer version of the GS, but the main reason I don't is simply the newer Beemers' style. For years now, all they offer is the hideous duck bill plastic on the front end of the GS type bikes. Other than the infamous Pontiac Aztec, I consider this the single most horrendous vehicle styling disaster of all time, and it's being done by my favorite motorcycle manufacturer! And they keep doing it!!

How can this happen? Why did this happen? Is the designer the CEO's favorite nephew?

And the really sad part is that when a more reasonable design is used, witness the little 650 XCountry, these can be incredibly beautiful bikes. I have often considered buying a Xcountry, but really would prefer a twin.

And no, I don't ride a motorcycle because of it's looks, but I simply refuse to be seen on something this ugly, and as long as my ST keeps running, I guess that will be my main ride.

Oh, and one other thing, as long as I'm whining. What is it with the displacement thing? Are we really so dumb as to think that "bigger is always better"? Is this pathetic obsession with size what motorcycle riding is all about?

A nice little 500 or 600cc twin can do most everything needed for just about any rider. Yet what do we get? Some monster bike with 11,000cc's and enough horsepower to run a battleship.

There, whining done. I feel better!!