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Thread: Trouble light?

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    Trouble light?

    Greetings! Just picked up a nice '66 R50/2, and I am wondering about the little plug-in port under the seat. I am told it is for a "trouble light" that was included in the original tool kit.

    Does anyone know if these are being reproduced or where I might be able to find one?


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    Yes, I believe it was for a trouble light, maybe also as a jump off point to get power over to a sidecar. Vech might be able to answer some questions:

    It appears that this auxiliary power port is for sidecar lighting but could be used for most things with the proper plug. Looking at the wiring diagram, the center is tap seems to be hot while the outside edge would be connected to ground. I suppose a proper male adpater could be used then to run 6v power to other items.
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    Plug is for the sidecar light

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    With stock wiring the plug is not hot unless the tail light is on. Some folks re wire the socket directly to the battery to be hot all the time.

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