So here's the deal - we, the Chairfolks of the Biergarten, are looking to recruit several upstanding and responsible people who usually go to the National Rally to serve as Head Bartenders. Yes, that's right, Head Bartenders. The job entails supervising the shifts serving beverages, ensuring the various products are stocked, helping serve when needed, and the other various and sundry tasks that may be needed. It is a position of responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Now that we've gotten past that part, what we're looking for are folks who usually attend the rally, usually work the 'Garten, and have some knowledge and experience (and desire) to step up to help run the show. We, the Chairfolks, would occasionally like to be able to go to dinner, maybe take in a seminar, do some shopping, visit, and we forsee being able to do those things if there were one chairperson and a Head Bartender watching the store, as opposed to most of the Chairs always on the premises. Most of us have been doing this for ~15 years or so, and have determined that it's time to start bringing in some new blood. Realistically, we all may not be at a rally sometime, and we'd also like some time to enjoy the rally as much as the rest of the members. For us it's a labor of love, but we'd also like to take a break occasionally, maybe catch up on sleep...

This position may in the future cause a Head Bartender to advance into being a Bier Chair, as the present ones eventually fade away.

Interested parties may contact me (Randy Boris) or maddog (Jim Faucher) for more info. PM or email first, then we'll talk. This can be considered a long-term position, as long as it works out and you want it. Depending on how many respond and work out will determine how many shifts your services will be required.

Serious inquiries only.