Guys and Gals:

About Feb in Wis the weather can be a PITA to a biker. I had planned to ride my RT out to AZ in May-June of 2011...It did'nt happen. Well I got the itch again.This time thinking about flying out to PHX,renting a 12RT from AZrider or Eaglerider and enjoying 5 days of cactuses,white sands and other "sunny" AZ things to see and do.

Any thoughts on the rental outfits I mentioned? Or for that matter flying on Frontier? I picked them because of the 20 mins of the airport to my house,and of course...they are quoting me around 300 bucks for the round trip flight. I am kinda figuring departing 2nd week in Feb returning 6 days later. Timing is flexible,if there is a event down their that I would want to miss,OR not want to miss. Just a mid winter photo shooting expedition and vac all rolled into one.

If any AZ or NM riders have ideas or want to tag along for a spell,chime in...

Thanks in advance.