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Thread: 2011 vs 2012 BMW S1000RR

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    2011 vs 2012 BMW S1000RR

    Has anyone (perhaps a dealer) had the opportunity to ride a 2011 and 2012 RR back to back for comparison? Is there any noticeable difference for the average (or even above average) rider or are the benefits of the enhanced torque curve, revised steering head angle, etc. only beneficial to the most able of racers? Just curious if I should hold off or jump on the first decent 2011 deal I can find.


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    I'm in the same predicament

    I read the RoadRacingWorld review of the 2012 version of the S1000RR and found it really intriguing from the trackday / club racer perspective.
    Now, if i can convince the S.O. that another track-only bike is needed in the garage...

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    Track Only?

    I have had a few 300+ mile days. I suffer from carpal tunnel on my right wrist so I am limited. The S1000RR is so easy to drive and is so docile that it can be much more than track only.
    I drive it in my work and whether in heavy rain or perfect conditions I have never felt I was in jeopardy. It is smooth, easily managed and can really eat the miles.
    I wouldn't call it an Iron Butt contender but it is very comfortable.
    The modes allow it to change personality. The bike becomes a little edgier as you change from rain to sport to race to slick. I usually ride in sport or race except in rainy weather.
    It is also a pretty bike. Nice proportions and visually striking.
    I have read the 2012 press release from BMW Motorrad and it sounds like color changes are the main difference. I don't see how most of it could be improved.
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    from all I have read, BMW has made some subtle but nice changes in the chassis and power delivery that by all accounts make the bike an even more potent track weapon, that said if it is going to be primarily street duty with some trackdays, for my money I would get the best deal I could on a 2011 and throw some money into upgrading the suspension. FWIW as to colors for me I like the original motorsports colors still better than any other with the 2012 red a close second
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    I think the 2012 red color is to die for.

    I will be picking one up come spring if I can swing it.

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    I have read that the throttle return spring requires less effort to overcome on the '12
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