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Thread: Excited to be a part of the Chatter!

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    Excited to be a part of the Chatter!

    Hey Team,

    My name is Chris Andretta, I'm not yet the proud owner of a BMW bike. Sorry to disappoint! Don't give me too much grief, I'm working to fix that. It's about time to sell the cager, buy a truck and an Adventure Bike.

    I work for 1Off MotorSports (selling bike parts and accessories, mainly HID headlights). I work with a lot of the BMW dealerships on a day to day basis and after visiting them all over the country I'm almost ready to take the leap. Losing the cage and buying a truck and an adventure bike.

    My hobbies are Rock Climing, Hiking, Camping, etc, so I think the truck / GS is going to be a nice fit for my lifestyle.

    I've read a lot of the BMW ON's since being at 1Off and I'm excited to join the chatter where appropriate as well as getting some advice from the community when I pull the trigger on my first bike!


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    Chris -

    Welcome to the site! I hope you can find a home here and get some input in your search for a bike. What are you looking for? New...old...classic? Lots of choices.

    Be sure and read the Posting Guidelines to see how we operate here. As I've read on another forum, Lurk Before Leaping! Should be fun. We try and keep the commercialism off the tech forum but there is a Flea Market for buying/selling as well as a Member Opportunity area which is discussed in the Posting Guidelines for people who want to one-time make a post about what they can offer the BMW community in the way of their business.

    Enjoy the forum!
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    Welcome, Chris! Sounds like you are leaning towards adventure riding! If so, be sure to watch for GS Giant info! You can find more on the link below, and by liking the GS Giant's Facebook page.

    Glad to (almost) have you!

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    Go parallel twin!

    I enjoy the low beamer 1off HID on my F800R! Prior to that I had the same on my F800S. For those of us who can't burden the stator, it's a "bright" idea for adding lumens!

    '11 F800R

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