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Thread: Bicycle Mount for 650GS

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    Evan Griffiths

    Cool Bicycle Mount for 650GS

    Does anyone have a link or information on who makes bicycle mounts for the back of a motorcycle. I have seen some but wonder if they are strictly custom fabrication.

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    The only ones I've ever seen were homemade. I made one that would've worked well except for the fact that I didn't have time to test it out first. I got a three legged bike rack that mounts universally on the rear bumper/trunk lid of cars and is held on with straps. I cant remember who makes it, but it probably came from target or walmart. All the leg and rack position are adjustable.
    I put the two legs that would normally go on the cars bumper on the top of the saddlebags, the middle leg that would normally rest on the trunk lid rested on the passenger seat. I got it all strapped on and put the bike in it and it seemed to work well for a few miles... the legs on the saddlebag slid forward and relaxed the tension on the straps causing the whole rack to pitch back almost totaling my new $1500 Giant road bike.

    If I do it again I'll screw something into the top of the saddle bag that the legs can rest on so they wont slide forward.

    Good Luck!

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    There is one for sale on the Classifieds at and it is also listed in the Marketplace classifieds.
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