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Thread: How was Lima Ohio decided upon?

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    How was Lima Ohio decided upon?

    I really just had to ask... I've always wanted to go to Lima.

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    it was decided by means of a heavenly vision in which the angel Beemer appeared to kbasa and loaned him the magic goggles through which he was able to see the next 6 national rally sites...two of which "they" (the insiders) have shared with us at this point because they know we cannot handle the mass of information available to "them" (keepers of swag).
    the preceeding may or may not be true.
    i think if you do a search you will find a thread which discusses site selection in a more prudent and forthcoming manner.
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    Lima- "America's Vacationland"

    With this type of thinking about locations, I might re-think my membership!

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    Why Lima?

    The Rally Site Selection committee has certain criteria they follow when choosing a host city and rally site. Initially, they try to follow a schedule when determining the REGION of the country for each year's event. Then they investigate whether the facility meets the requirements to host an event the size and scope of our rally. (1500 - 2000 motel rooms, adequate facility, availibility in our time-range, etc)

    You asked how they picked Lima? Have you been to the fairgrounds? It's perfect for us! Also, Lima is very centrally located for a large number of BMW MOA members. And there are a lot of things to see and do in the area....

    On an earlier post, I wrote the following:

    My two cents worth
    My co-workers find it amazing that I rarely pick my own BIG vacation destinations.

    In the old days, the location of "Next Year's Rally" was a well-guarded secret. It would not be announced until the closing ceremonies --- and I, for one, used to wait in the grandstands with everyone else, with great anticipation, wondering where I would be able to ride to next year. It was exciting.

    And. do you know what is so cool about this concept? I never would have ridden to Flagstaff Arizona, nor Fredericksberg, Texas in the middle of the summer. (Or ever, as far as that goes....) I never would have chosen York, Pennsylvania nor Trenton, Ontario as "vacation spots" --- nor Midland, Michigan... but that was a great party - eh?

    Each of the rally sites I have ridden to over the last 16 years have held their own beauty --- their own appeal. Who would have thought it????

    I STILL look forward to each year's rally with great anticipation. And I thank the site selection committee for their "seemingly" random choices. I haven't been disappointed yet.

    THIS YEAR, the beauty for the riders coming to the rally is in the quiet, rolling hillsides of Ohio. This is the "Heartland" --- so we hope the BMW riders will get off the slab and take in some of the scenery from the backroads. This year, roll OFF the throttle a little bit, and stop to smell the roses.
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    Why Lima - Why Not Lima

    Many want to know how such a stupid decision to pick LIMA as the rally site could have been made by what is supposed to be the leading edge motorcycle organization in the US?

    The lady who is leading this HOMCOMING had one primary objective, WELCOME HOME THE BMW FAMILY. She has a party for you, you will not believe.

    It will be a place you will be thrilled to see and to be a part of. Her BMW MOA team is building the best Homecoming you could want. There will be old friends, new friends, strange people you will be glade you are not like and those you will wish to be more like.

    Sue is bringing the BIG BAD GUY HIMSELF for Friday night and if you miss him, you will have missed not only the event of the rally but maybe the event of your summer!

    The campers will know why Sue selected the LIMA site when you rest your head, or party, under the stars and the many shade trees or by the pond.

    Come meet your new friends at BEEMERVILL USA, Lima, Ohio

    We will dance the night away togeather

    If you need help call 419 420 7422

    Fred Turner
    Co Chairman

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    FYI...the BMW MOA Board selects and approves all International Rally sites.

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    Heretofore, Ohio has been a waystation on my way to somewhere else. Generally it's been slab and blur. I'm looking forward to slowing down; taking in a few back roads where people in pickups still wave and perhaps saying howdy and getting a reply from a few Amish folk. I've lived all over the world and experienced many unusual cultures but I'm looking forward to some good old Midwestern heartland values and venues.
    The site looks fine. It has a county fair feel to it which I think is a good thing. Many of us have gotten away from this experience as we rush to find out what's "cool" this month/year.
    Coming Home, that sounds like a good theme to me.
    See you all there.

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