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Thread: Rare red 1968 bmw r60us

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    Thanks guys. I think this bike will be going up on EBay pretty soon, so I'll point it out when it does. I'm not biting at $7K. Maybe that fancy fairing will bring big bucks and I'll regret it, but that's just too rich for my blood!

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    Actually after reading the link to Jim Deans site the 1968 R60US in red is a rare bike and at curent price of $4250 ( reserve not meet) would be a good deal if all parts are there. - but what is the reserve??

    I am not looking for a project - but this is interesting as to what price it may sell.

    A /2 owner of 15 to 20 years may think this is a high price for a "barn find" that will need to be gone through - engines tear down , slinger cleaning, ect.

    But these are now 40 to 50 year old machines not being made anymore and not a high production count.

    Interesting to keep an eye on the market
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    10 grand just to earn the privilege of restoring the bike for another 20 grand is a bit steep.

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