I seem to remember that if you use a "Battery Tender" that plugging it in to a winter stored bike for a couple days a month is just as good as leaving it continually plugged in. The only current draw on my bike is the clock. Any comments? (Mine is a Battery Tender Junior.)

Last year I used the adapter that let me plug the BTJ into the BMW receptacles and it worked perfectly. This fall I did the same, and after three days saw the same solid red light. Finally read the instructions on the charger and "solid red" means "you are not charging the battery." Hmmm. The fuze is good. It would seem that either the connecting cable or the internal wiring of the BMW plug has a fault, but both seem improbable. Any ideas, or exactly how to check?

I DID solve the charging problem by using the little "alligator" connections on the positive battery pole and the ground bolt, both on the left side of the bike.

My electric jacket wiring is now directly connected to the battery so guess I haven't used the BMW sockets for awhile.