Could one of you rs riders please tell me some dimensions of a 1978 r100rs? I am buying one and will have to have it shipped. One shipping company said they have a container they can put it in and fly it in. The container is 61" long 44" wide and 44" tall and that is inside measurements. Cost for shipping ($898.) I used to have an RS but I don't remember the sizes. I could have the faring shield taken off and of course the bags but still not sure it will work. The gentleman I'm buying it from said it was 91" long. That seems awful long to me but maybe it is. And 50" tall with faring shield off. If someone would confirm that I would appreciate it. Also, I'm having the bike shipped from Portland, Or. to New Braunfels, Tx. Does anyone know a good shipper that they could recommend? The other alternative is to fly there and ride it back but I'm from South Texas and I'm old and allergic to cold, especially the Portland, Or. kind. Ok, I'm a wuss