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Thread: Rear Main Oil Seal Removal ~

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    Quote Originally Posted by galaxie View Post
    how do you block crank
    I took a spare 6 mm allen key, cut about an inch of it off. That piece of basically hex bar stock I then mounted in a wooden plug, half the length of a wine cork say.

    With the engine front cover off (remove neg batt lead first), the 6 mm bar stock fits into the alternator bolt (which is crank mounted) and then I bolt the cover back on. You want to ensure the overall "tool" length is such that the cover is jammed against it, thusly holding the crank from coming forward. My cover has about a 1/4 inch gap when it's snugged up with the tool in place.

    Have heard of the rag stuffing....I'd be afraid things still might move. I got to see these mystical thrust bearings and the pins they hang on inside a cutaway engine at Super Tech. You really don't want that puppy popping off. The crank has to be restrained from moving forward even 1/4 inch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by galaxie View Post
    how do you block crank
    Snowbum has a description on this page, #8 about 2/3 the way down:
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    Northwoods Airheads offers this, with the declaration that you can make your own.

    Crankshaft Blocking Bolt

    This is a small nylon bolt that I've cut to length and modified the
    end. Jammed into your rotor mounting allen bolt head and with
    the generator cover put back on and snugged up it will block
    your crankshaft when you remove the flywheel and clutch etc.
    The generator cover bolts will not be able to be tightened all the
    way up and that's the idea the pressure is on the crank. You can
    jury rig something like this yourself. Like many of my tools this
    is a convenience to save you time and head scratching

    $4.00 + $4.00 postage

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    Special Tool???

    OK - another question:

    Where do you get the special tool?? BMW part #??

    Just kidding!!!

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