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Thread: R65 brakes

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    R65 brakes

    sorry to pester the forum but in addition to the charging issue (thanks for the suggestions) the other issue is the front brakes. one of the two ATE calipers was leaking, so i had it rebuilt, and installed new stainless brake lines and a new master cylinder. brakes fine now and doesn't leak. HOWEVER, the brake handle does not return all the way back to the unengaged position when released. it returns part of the way, and the brakes are no longer engaged, but the handle does not go all the way back flush to the front. this means the brake light flickers on and off as the handle rattles about 3 mm in its housing.

    what could make it do this? it's a real pain. want it to go away, don't know how.

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    The handle could have some grit or the switch. removed the handle and clean everything. This has happen on my also.


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