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    New member / new bike

    Traded a old honda for 73 75/5 toaster. It needs some work but not real bad. I need to replace the right head and wondered which years/ models interchange. The bike looks pretty cool but dont know much about them. All the body work head light stuff is there and in great shape. I think it hit a curb then got parked. is it worth fixn?
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    Is it worth fixing? YESSSSS

    It is one of my favorite models, I love the tank. I don't have one, and never have, but if things worked out I could see myself with one. Welcome to the Forum and post photos as you work on it.


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    Total write off... I'll take it off your hands, no charge

    Not sure what heads you can use, I do know the rockers changed in '74 ( How about a picture of the damaged head?

    The best thing you can do is to join the Airheads ( in your area. Most hold Tech Days where you'll be shown how to fix your bike. Many experts who can figure out your problems. I was at a Tech day here in Florida yesterday. I took a dissembled gearbox to get opinions on what was needed to fix it.

    Edit: Looked at Max BWM website and the part # for your head is 11121337870. This same part number is used for the all R75's (/5, /6, /7). Other here will be able to say if you could use a head from a different bike.
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    Welcome--- and nice bike. Good luck with the project.

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    Unless your new bike is seriously effed up on the inside, I'd say you definitely got the better end of that deal. Very nice work! 1973 R75/5 LWB (Long Wheelbase, which yours looks like it could be) Toasters are among the most desirable BMW bikes of the 70's, and yours looks to be in very nice condition!

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    Welcome aboard Mike. What a sweetie!!! Too bad it's a total write off. I'd leave it out on the curb for the scrap guys ... where'd you say you live?

    I've been riding a '73 R75/5 since 1974. Take a bunch of detail shots of it for us.

    Did you mean "head" or "valve cover"?
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