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Thread: Deer whistle

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    Deer whistle

    While riding around Wyoming this year I bumped into a deer doing 70mph. No permanent damage to bike or body, but it got me to wondering if they still sell those deer whistles that I haven't seen for years and if they really work. I would rather not have a reoccurance.

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    I haven't seen any real proof that they work.
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    Sometime in the mid-80s when I was still "on the job" with the NJSP, I was stationed at the Tuckerton Barracks which is situated in the middle of the NJ Pine Barrens. We were losing cars at an alarming rate to collisions with deers so Division bought a truckload of those deer whistles and mounted them on the bumpers of all our cars. They didn't totally eliminate the car/deer collisions, but they did dramatically reduce them. I believe they're effective and, yes, they do still sell them.

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    they don't work

    The state police in Ohio, after months of testing, found no significant decrease in patrol car/deer accidents after the warning devices were installed. In fact, more accidents were reported by the officers after the whistles were installed than before for the same period of time and stretches of highway. Tests conducted in Utah, Georgia and Wisconsin also concluded that deer whistles don't work.

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    I whistle at deer all the time, but they aren't any more inclined to come when I whistle than the last couple of dogs we had were. Oh well.
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    well, if you do get one

    make sure you don't install it backwards.
    them deers will be all over you like a duck on a june bug.
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    I had 'em back in the 80's and never hit a deer. Then I hit a deer in 05 when I didn't have them. I doubt the whistles mattered one way or the other. Evidence is anecdotal at best. They can catch bugs if you mount them right.
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    The whistles are made by the Popeill vegamatic people who once made the "baby on board" signs.
    They almost went out of business when they made the bumper stickers "Nader for Presdient".
    However, the deer whistles are not as good as they were since they are now made in China and the deer can't understand the sound anymore.
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    When I had my first deer strike the bike had the whistles. The second strike no whistles were involved. Conduct whatever derivation you wish.
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    A few months back, Motorcycle Consumer News, did a report on a new electronic whistle that MCN claims does ward off deer. One client a few months later wrote in to say that initially his worked, but then he began to notice more deer on his daily route. Upon examining his whistles, one of them had slightly changed position. Once it had been re-aligned, the deer disappeared from his rides.

    When I locate this issue, I post the name of the manufacture and their web site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nardowell View Post
    The whistles are made by the Popeill vegamatic people who once made the "baby on board" signs.
    They almost went out of business when they made the bumper stickers "Nader for Presdient".
    However, the deer whistles are not as good as they were since they are now made in China and the deer can't understand the sound anymore.
    Here in KY, "horses on board" signs are common on the commercial trailers-I've always wondered just what I was supposed to do different? Maybe it's to warn you that the smell is OK? The baby signs might work in the same way too?
    As to deer whistles, sure they work great as seen by the huge numbers of deer all over the place, what better proof could you ask for...

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    I bought a used R90/6 a bunch of years back that had deer whistles on it.
    No other vehicle I've owned has had them.

    I guess they worked on the R90 because I never hit a pedestrian, deer, cow, horse, cat, dog, elk, moose, frog or fish on that bike.

    Then again, I've never hit anything but bugs, dust, dirt, rain, sleet, snow and the occasional cigarette butt some butthead in a car I was following tossed out the window with any vehicle. I have hit deer, elk and antelope with bullets but the bullets didn't have deer whistles on them either.

    I'm not quite sure how to interpret that kind of data.
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    They work great only most riders don't know how to use them properly.
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    Tall Story

    30 years ago when deer whisles were the rage I had them on my bike. I never saw a deer that was detered by them. However I was on a road with good visability. I saw a hunting type dog coming out a driveway. I had plenty of time and slowed. The dog came and stood on the center line. As I got up to it, it sat down. The look on its face and ears said "Okay, what do you want me to do next" Draw your own conclusions. Harold in Kansas
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    Lightbulb K Mart

    To answer your original question they sell them in K Mart for about $6 a pair- think they're made by Bell. I've got a pair on the K-Bike and the Dakar and haven't had any deer issues thus far (knock on wood)
    $6 isn't too big an investment
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