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Thread: Install 2005 Dual Horns to late '06-'09 RT

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    Thumbs up 2006 R1200 RT dual horn conversion

    Rangemaster: Thanks for the response. After reading your post I decided to pull the windshield and headlight/front assy. It was a good decision as I found the factory harness for the second horn readily and would never have located it without removal of those components. The horn harness was up behind the left front speaker housing and zip tied to the top of the left turn signal wiring.

    The horns are installed and functional. I decided to add Skene Photons while all disassembled, never going to be easier.

    BTW: the post by dellenberger back in 2008 with the step by step removal of the body panels etc. was invaluable.

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    Install 2005 Dual Horns to late '06-'09 RT

    Very glad to hear you solved the problem!

    Let me know if you need any further assistance...I’ve done quite a bit of electrical work on Hexhead RTs over the past few years including LED headlights, Skene installs, Hex ezCan, GPS, adding a DWA (alarm), ASC, etc.

    BTW, you likely know a GS-911 can be invaluable at times...alternatively an OBDLink LX/MX, the right cable and the MotoScan app can be used to read error codes and do some service functions (and is considerably less expensive).

    Bleeding/flushing ‘whizzy’ brakes can be fun as well...

    PM me if I can be of assistance.

    BTW Indy- even tho’ I live in NW Oregon I was born in Indianapolis and went to Purdue.

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