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Thread: Favorite beemer

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    Fenwick, Ontario Canada
    My 1977 R100RS that I bought 26 years ago and is still the best.
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    Over the last several years, I've ridden a bunch of different bikes of all makes. My favourite of all of them is the R1200S.

    But if cost were no object, I would get an R1200ST and have an HP2 Sport engine and control unit installed.
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    Wow I need think about this....... 1961 R69s is awesome ride,1965,1967,1969 r60/2 are fun also, 1980 R100s is a great bike I have, 1982,1988 R100rt great in cold weather,1988 R100rs awesome ride, 1991 k100rs is nice, 2002 k1200rs gets me to the rally fast lol...... The best bike I have is a 1960 R100s convertion Im built out of parts from 1960 to 1977 bike is 95% done, hope to be done by April.

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    As the herd is thinned here, one bike will remain standing... the GS Adventure. It has delivered more grins, from rides short and far, with more memories, than any other.

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    where's the Like button?

    but wait... there's more. I submit the R80G/SPD

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    I've been searching for the answer to this question my whole life. I have a fair collection, and I've considered all ages, nationalities, makes, models and styles. (Yes, even American, but they fell off the radar years ago) I finally whittled the field down to a few, and I can attest to the fact that the British and Italians have made a strong showing. BSA's, Triumphs, Guzzi's and Ducati's all have their strengths and can provide intense enjoyment in their specific areas. But none have really reached that level of "The Absolute Best Bike in the World".

    Only a Beemer could do that. And not just any Beemer. I regularly ride a wide range of BMW's, from /2's to oil heads, but there is only one that I would keep if I had to sell all the others:

    Nothing else even comes close!!

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    I submit that here's something that comes close; might I say even a bit better...
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    R80 G/S, traditional BMW, smooth motor and takes me to some interesting places.

    2004 R1150RS
    1984 R80 G/S
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    Bluegrass State

    '83 r80g/s

    sensing a slight theme here

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    favorite Beemer...?
    had an 88 R100RT which never really sparked any love...
    i love my 93 R100RS. tho i also love my 88 K100(RS). tho i do love 'em both,
    the airhead has more *personality* than the K, i'd choose it as the fave-
    hands down, no contest.

    i submit:

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    I have had bigger faster and more expensive bikes
    but for a fav bike
    Im gonna have to go with my current ride, an 85 R80RT that is not quite stock
    just wish it got better mpg

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    88 r100rs.

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    I love my 77 R 75....smooth as silk...but I have to say that my favorite is my 100 RT (1980). And I am getting happier as I lighten it up....I think I will end up with a 100/7 with a windshield when all is said and done..
    Steve in Santa Fe
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    My favorite is my current ride: 1995 R1100RSL.

    Second favorite would be the one I most regret selling: 1983 R65.
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    My R1200GS is a great motorcycle and probably the best motorcycle I've owned. As far as my favorite? It's between my old 1991 R100GS (pictured) and the 1993 R100R I currently own. I guess I'll give the nod to the R100GS as the most fun and versatile.

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