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    Favorite beemer

    Many (most?) of the members of the forum have been riding quite a while and have owned (an dmay still own) many beemers. So which beemers are your favorite?

    I find that my stated favorite bike changes from day to day. Sometimes it's my current hexhead GS. Other times it was my R80RT. The K11LT might sneak into the top spot once in a while, too. My perennial number two on the list is my R69S. I don't think it has ever made it to the top, though. On the other hand my least favorite is the K12LT. It is the only bike that ever gave me buyers remorse... about 18 months after buying it. It's been my least favorite since then.

    Today the R12GS is number 1. Tomorrow? What's your favorite?

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    In order

    1961 R69S. Absolutely the most comfortable ride ever
    1996 R1100RT. Most protection from the elements
    1973 R75/5. Prettiest of them all
    1981 R100RT. Fast and comfortable

    I never had any major problems with any of them and put more than 200,000 miles on them all except the 1996 RT. It now has 130,000 on it and still going strong.
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    2009 R 1200 RT,1996 R1100RT, 1985 K100RS...too fast to believe.

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    Old Smokey - 1986 K75T - I rode 370,000 miles over 19 years before it was murdered by a mini-van.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
    "The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution." - Bertrand Russell

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    My first BMW, my 78, R-80. The BMW bug bit me hard at 23 years of age, and I still have not found a cure. Sadly she was
    taken from me by a DWI driver.
    The thing about traveling is, you never want it to end and you can't wait to get home.
    I answer to Roy, Chief, or Sarg.
    04 R-1150-RT current bike. 94 R-1100-RS74,383, Sold, 78 R-80/7, K.I.A by a D.U.I

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    '04 R1150R.

    I like it's looks. I've owned 2 other Beemers (K1100RS and R1100RT) both were liked but not as much as the 1150. It is comfortable, easy to work on (very limited plastic) and handles lightly and smoothly.

    For those that don't want or need maximum element protection, it is a wonderful long distance tourer, and off road, it goes where I tell it to.

    If I'm going to have just one, this machine has my heart.


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    The short answer is, whichever one I'm on right now. Like Marco, it changes.

    But because I'm signed up to ride in next September's Motorcycle Cannonball on my 1928 R52, that one had better become my favorite, because -- on a 3800 mile ride from NY to SF -- I'm going to be spending a lot of time on it!
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    --Darryl Richman, forum liaison

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    As far as BMW goes?...toss up between an 84 CS I once had, and the [then new] 99RS I traded it in on . Had a Cruiser..hated it....shhh! don't tell the Chromeheads...[but it just killed my back] Hoping I'll come to LUV the 1150R I have now. Still [adjusting it]

    That said, I've had and have some non-BMWs that i like as well. Guess I'm not a brand slave?....I like em all

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