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Thread: Bmw scooter

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    Who cares how much they cost? Al I wanna know is, how long do the engine output splines last, and how much will it cost to lube them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BCKRIDER View Post
    Just a question for scooter fans - how long do those tires last? We had a Honda 150 for several years but it never did a lot of miles, partly because it is kind of scary to ride on a hiway with a top speed of maybe 60 mph on the level. Clearly the big scooters don't have a problem keeping up with traffic. But I just wondered if you need new tires about as often as guys with competition rubber on their motorcycles.

    Are there some handling minuses with the smaller diameter tires or is that simply my misconception?

    Any advantages to a 650 scooter over a 650 bike, assuming you can still swing a leg over the bike and haven't forgotten how to shift?
    I lived in Taiwan for 10 years and rode a scooter everyday. Started out with a 90cc that I rode for two years and then upgraded to a 125cc. The 125 would take me anywhere I wanted to go. One Winter I rode from Taichung (West coast) over the mountains( Hur Wan Shan) to Hualian (East coast). I went through snow and ice on top of the mountain while cars were spinning their wheels and stranded. I later bought a r1100 BMW but could not ride it much faster than the scooter for any distance. To many cars and people, plus scooters and motorcycles were not allowed on any major highways so had to stick to back roads and paths anyway. But getting back to the Quote above; I was in a motorcycle club the last couple of years I was there. Most of the bikes were BMW's but some Harleys and Jap bikes. But one of the riders had a 650 Burgman and he could keep up with any bike in the pack. Most of the riding was in the mountains with lots of twisties and he could keep up with the best and out ride most. It was unbelievable how well it handled. I would love to have the new BMW scooter; I think it would be a blast.
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    I had a Burgman 400 for 2 years, then a 650 for a year. Heated seats, grips, elec. windshield, tons of storage. Did a 3000 km trip - virtually all mountain stuff- there's no problem with power or handling with the 650. In fact I stayed well ahead of my buddy on his 1200 RT. The fuel tank is a bit on the small side though. You get about 12k - 15k km on the OEM rear tire.
    I would expect BMW to exceed what Suzuki has to offer; it will be a commuter bike with potential for some touring.

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