OK, boys-n-girls, it's time to begin thinking about things to do during the season-of-poor-riding. It is with this in mind that we announce the 2012 New Glarus Gathering, January 27, 28, 29. As usual the center of festivities will be the Chalet Landhaus in New Glarus, WI. For those who have experienced the event previously, it is anticipated to be as usual. For those new to this event, here's the deal - arrive sometime Friday and socialize for a while, whether in the lobby or in the hot tub. Later we stroll a couple blocks to the Hotel New Glarus for dinner, POLKAS, and beer. Once we've had enough of those, feel free to wander the town for more excitement, or head back to the Chalet to socialize some more.

Saturday starts with breakfast, after which the day is open to whatever your heart fancies. Some have opted to tour the New Glarus brewery, or gone in search of cheese, wine, mustard (the Mustard Museum in Middleton), or shopping in suchplaces as the Duluth Trading Company store in Mt. Horeb. Again, nothing definite, other than gather for dinner later that evening.

Sunday is a typical Sunday, with breakfast, good-byes, and travel home.

It is hoped we see some new faces this year, along witha lot of the familiar ones. Bring a smile, good attitude, maybe some stuff to share, and your swimsuit for the hot tub and pool. Due to the time of year and expected weather, it is anticipated that there will not be any motorcycles making the trip.

Hoping to see you there!