I bought a 2012 R1200RT about a month ago with the BMW radio plus Sirius. Salesman convinced me I needed Bluetooth BMW Communications system ($400+) but, since the communications system would not fit in my helmet, they also convinced me to buy the Schuberth C3 ($700). Unfortunately, the sound quality from the Bluetooth system is abysmal. I am not an audiophile nut. It sounds like a radio station that won't tune in properly; not static, exactly, more like a distorted signal. Sound through the dash speakers is fine, so I'm confident the fault is with the Bluetooth. I can't listen to either FM or Sirius via Bluetooth because of the terrible distortion. Two visits to the dealer only resulted in them telling me "That's the way they all sound"; they could not improve the sound fidelity in the service department and they would not take a return on either the helmet or the BMW Communications system.

I am looking into wired options at this point. But with more than $1100 already into a sound system that produces terrible sound quality, I am going to be very careful.