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Thread: Is the K1100 a forgotten Machine?

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    Something to consider for all of you who experience hot legs - more insulation. In hot weather I wear light weight long pants under my Rev'it pants and I leave the rain layer in place no matter the temperature.

    Of course, it is not those three layers of fabric that keep your legs reasonably comfortable in hot temperatures or not too cold when it is really cold - it is the air between those fabrics that provides the insulation. In hot conditions, you protect your legs to a comfortable degree. In cold riding, I replace the thin pants with a synthetic bottom. At least I don't have to mess around with my riding pants, no matter the weather or temperature.

    If you are an ATGATT rider, I suggest this is a way out of your heat problem on your legs. Too bad to eliminate a bike you own or might want to own on that basis.
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    K11s rock!

    I've had a longterm love affair with K1100RSs. Friends have accused me of trying to own every one in the country. The LT is obviously much the same bike, but its looks don't do it for me the way the RS's do.
    Living in New England I don't have to deal with as much heat as others guys do, so I never found it unbearable.
    The K12 is undoubtedly smoother, but the added weight, complexity, and fuel consumption all work against it.
    By now we are talking about bikes that are 20 years old, and the K11s are beginning to show that age. Not only are the plastic bits getting fragile, but the seals are giving up doing their job. Expect rear mains to leak (new clutch!), rear drives to drip, and master cylinders to stop mastering (and drip onto the paint). Equally noticeable is the level of refinement that was good in 1995 is not so much so now.
    That said, they are fast, smooth enough, still easy to work on, and cheap!

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