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Thread: a truly crappy sidecar!!!

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    a truly crappy sidecar!!!

    I just had to send it along...nothing less then a world record!!!

    just in case '$hit happens'
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    LOL that would make a good starter rig in case you get the crap scared out of you.

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    I'm wondering how much protection the house coat offers...
    Maybe it's one of those kevlar house coats!

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    How Does That Work?

    I hope I'm not having a senior moment, but how does that contraption work as a toilet? From the shape and the fittings, it looks more like a small bathtub.

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    I thought the same thing.
    I figured that he has an entire bathroom mounted to his rig.
    The sink and laundry basket are attached to the handle bars, the bathtub is where a 'tub' should be, and he's sitting on the throne.
    Actually sitting on a toilet would be practical for the very sharp, very scary right turns, or left turn, in the case of this brit rig.

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    He has his goggles, but did I miss the magazine rack? And where's the roll?

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