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Thread: "Castaway" Fed Ex Box Contents!

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    Talking "Castaway" Fed Ex Box Contents!

    Still chuckling over this one!

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    That was a good one, Kevin.
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    My Fed-ex guy is a bur cut hillbilly, not the wooly burger in Ken's flick! Unlike th USPS, they come up my private road a 1/2 mile & place pkg at doorstep! Not a desert island but some similarities. I had another driver that backed into out BB goal with a large box truck & had me put on the non-deliverable list! I complained and got the goal fixed & us back on the good list. Told them it had been there for over 35 years and the 1st to hit it was that dipstick. He tried to argue with me about whose fault it was...

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    that is a classic!
    Al From Chgo Burbs

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    Our UPS drivers - Jerry who recently retired after 35 years on the longest route in the US, and Manny, his replacement, are superb. They drop at our front door which is easy, but will also bang around on several miles of graded rock road to deliver to houses and cabins out in the desert off the highway. A wave-down can cause a stop to pick up a package. We couldn't ask for better service.

    On the Postal level, Voni had a jacket coming by parcel post. The mailman knew we were out of town for a few days. So, instead of leaving a "pick-it-up-in-town" card he just carried the package around in his van until he saw that we were back. Then he just delivered it to the door.

    Fedex is adequate but iffy. DHL just arrives in Alpine, looks at the map, and puts the package in the mail.
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    Nothing beats small town and rural service from folks that know who you are.
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    Hahaha... That is a good one!

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