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Thread: Travelogue for two decades of motorcycle trips

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    Travelogue for two decades of motorcycle trips

    Check out the web site using the link below to visit and share the trips I have made with my brother over the past two decades. Routes, pictures, and motel reviews are included for each of the trips we have completed. The trips have covered almost all of the (48) lower US states and many provinces in Canada. The trips have included dual sport adventures and Iron Butt rides. It's all there.

    Click on "Travelogue" and "Motel Guide" to see the details for each trip. My brother is still working on documenting 2010 and 2011, but they should be finished soon.

    2009 BMW R12000RT

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    Great chronicle of you adventures and, traveling with your brother makes it that much better. I too travel with my younger brother and it has brought us so much closer than I could have imagined. You will have to revisit Texas and hit the Big Bend area. That is where we plan to go this Spring.

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