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Thread: Routes to Sedalia, MO BMWMOA Rally

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roc-Roc View Post
    You can always take the ferry across the mighty Mississippi to a little town call Ste Genevieve(have lunch) and backroad it to Sedalia.

    Best advice on the board. Ste. Genevieve is worth seeing as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ol-Levi View Post
    Take 50 to route 4 north (east of STL) thru Lebanon, Take 17 miles of 70 and 270 to Rt 3 north. At mid-town Alton take Rt 100 west.
    There are lots of Antique shops and the like here. Bicycle path on the river edge.
    Take the Brussels Ferry (free) thru Golden Eagel Il, to the Golden Eagle ferry (cost $5.00),
    this area is good for fresh peaches when in season.

    Unfortunately it is GRAVEL for about a mile south of the ferry to the next blacktop. Rt B and Rt C to Mid-Rivers Mall area.
    Then I-70 west to Warrenton and Rt 47 south.

    (Might be good Highway Z south from Wentzville to New Melle then Rt D and RT T to Rt 47 thru Washington MO and then down to 50.)
    (Haven't driven it but probably good.)

    Alton cable-stayed bridge. US-67 just east of the casino.
    I took the Brussels Ferry and Golden Eagle Ferry today. The road south from the Golden Eagle is blacktop. There is some loose gravel but nothing to worry about.

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    Looks like i will detour a bit.Leaving June 1 and going through New Hampshire on the way from illinois to mo.Makes sense,right?
    Ed Baker

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    way across without using interstates

    How about taking the ferrys kind of fun and in the country look up the golden eagle ferry there's 1 that goes across the bridge into illinois and 1 goes across the missouri river also the 1 across a missouri is I think 350 for a bike the 1 going across is mississippi is free send me an email if you need help I can help you out I just did the trip it was real nice for my wife and I

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    Quote Originally Posted by OU812 View Post
    So who all is attending?
    Me and Maggie will be there, are you going to make it?

    I'm Starting pool, $1 entry

    1 Stevo wont show up with out notice
    2 Stevo got another B day to attend
    3 Stevo got call in to work
    4 Stevo and honey to do list
    5 He will be there

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