Bill, my thoughts based on closely reading your posts: Your going to see a lot of traffic & intersections/turns based on your route choices, and Ky Rt60 is slow, long & confusing in many places. Remember those two digit routes were laid out pre interstate & pass THROUGH every town/city the creek/valley allows. That said, there are nice segements to many of them. My idea for you: Rt 60 throuth WV to Huntington. Very nice & Charleston - Huntington not to difficult. Then Rt52 along Ohio Rive through Cincinnati, connecting onto Rt50 through IN and most of IL.
The 2.1 million people in Cincy are not much of a factor along that slower route through the city. Think suburbs & beltways, but avoid rush hours. I like the Hannibal approach to the Rally site. Peel off 50 onto 127 & 16 toward the big muddy to join 100 & 96 to Hannibal. That leaves a short day in; allways good to arrive earily in the day & week! Going home I would seek a southern route which has the availability of shorter distance. Happy Trails, John