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Thread: Husavarna kickin' butt.

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    Husavarna kickin' butt.

    The Husqvarna Moab concept.... dang!

    Video here.

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    I like that a lot
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    OK this is a lot more like it.

    Finally... something with knobs.

    Looking forward to a parallel twin in a bike like this....

    more info here.

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    like so?

    '11 F800R

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    well, there ya go!

    with that front tire, i bet that thing is pretty good in deep sand.

    put some real suspension on something like and we're talkin'.... oh, and also the brake and clutch reservoirs from the husky...

    (the chain is too tight on this one, too....)

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    I dig the computer-on-the-crossbar concept

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