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Thread: Mentor for a K-bike owner in Overland Park KS?

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    Mentor for a K-bike owner in Overland Park KS?

    Saw this on the forum:

    The folks there offered him moral support--urging him to dig in and fix the issue for himself--but he probably could use some moral (and maybe manual) support in the enterprise from someone close by.

    And, while the problem is with a K-bike, I'm pretty confident that the bulk of his challenges could be addressed by any BMW wrench since it's a clutch plate problem and the challenges at that point in the drive-train must be fairly common to both R and K bikes.

    There's nothing like getting a rider to turn a wrench and take real ownership of the bike -- and the marque.

    Just suggesting...

    Larry Johnson
    El Paso
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    Well, I'd think motorcycling is about riding rather than wrenching.

    Probably equal first priorities are a good dealer relationship and participation in the nearest BMW motorcycle club.

    No pressure to DIY I'd hope, i.e. you ought to be financially unstressed enough that motorcycling doesn't hinge on it.
    Kent Christensen
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