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Thread: ABS Brakes 4x blinking and servo out on 2006 R1200GS

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    ABS Brakes 4x blinking and servo out on 2006 R1200GS

    I just bought my 2006 R1200GS and got it down via trailer some 400+ miles and after about 25 miles of driving it, I'm getting a 4x blinking brake light and ABS servo is disengaged.

    Anything I can check before I have to take it back to the dealer? I did notice that my brake light stays on non-stop. I did a little searching on the forums and saw somebody else had a brake light issue that caused ABS to turn off. Could that be something?

    I'm really trying to avoid taking back up some 400+ miles if it is just an electrical problem with the brake lights.


    P.S. I don't know of anybody in deep south Texas that works on BMW bikes. If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know!

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    Check your hand guards. The right hand guard may have rotated a bit, depressing the front brake lever just enough to trigger the front brake switch. That can cause the issue you are seeing. On your bike you must not use brakes when turning on the ignition. If on an incline put the bike in gear, hands and feet off the clutch and brakes, turn on the ignition. Then you can grab brakes and clutch before starting the bike.

    If the hand guard isn't the issue slowly depress the brake. Do you hear the "click" of a switch changing state? You should for both the hand and foot brake. If not check the switches.

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    I just figured it out right before I came back in to post it. Turned out it was the hand guard. Total *face palm* moment for me.

    Thanks for the great reply!

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    You don't say where in "deep south Texas" you are (it's abig place) but you might check ou this guy,
    I've known him for years and he's worked on several of my bikes. He's a good mechanic and has kept his 1100GS running for over 400K so he knows something about BMW's.
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