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Thread: Shoei Multitec helmet

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    So, the new Multitech fits what kind of head?
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    I picked up a MultiTech from another forum member a short time ago. He bought it , wore it for a couple of hours and decided it was not for him.

    I am very pleased with the fit , finish and comfort of this helmet. I have owned several other flip up styles from Schuberth to HJC including a Nolan , this one fits me better than any of those, it is also the quietest of the bunch.

    I like the pin lock style visor for its anti fog capabilities, but miss the drop down sunshade of the others.

    Since i still need to remove my glasses to either put the MultiTech on or take it off, I believe i would just as soon have a regular full faced helmet that is both lighter and quieter than a flip up style.

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    My 2 cents

    I've had my Multitec for almost 3 years. Before that I had Fulmer and FJR flip ups and the Shoei is much better. I changed the cheek pads to a thinner pad and it made the helmet very comfortable. They also make a thicker than stock cheek pad as well. I've also done a test ride with the C3 and thought that it was noisier than the Shoei and did not like the fit as well. Hated the C3 chin curtain sitting right up against the bottom of my chin. I prefer to wear sunglasses so a drop down sun visor is not a big deal and I can put the Shoei on easily while wearing the sunglasses. As to the removable liner, yea it would be nice but I've gotten in the habit of putting a dryer sheet in the helmet when not riding and it keeps it smelling fresh. A pinlock shield and insert is a must for cold riding. The Multitec does fog very easily.
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    Evidently Shoei is about to introduce a new model called Neotec. It's available now in Europe and maybe in the US in about 2 or 3 months. (Revzilla's site has some details).

    To me it looks like its features are the same as or better than the Schuberth C3's.
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    I really like my Multitec. Alltime favorite helmet. About to buy my wife one. I may replace mine with a C3 but having a hard time deciding which one fits the best...its just about a toss up. I wouldn't even consider the C3 except for the flip down sun visor...anxious to see what the Neotec mentioned in an earlier post looks like.

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    I really like my multitech. Problem is, now I'm sold on the modular rigs like this, now I have to sell all 4 of my other helmets. I'll probably go out and buy the newer version of the multitech.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olsensan View Post
    I really like my multitech. Problem is, now I'm sold on the modular rigs like this, now I have to sell all 4 of my other helmets. I'll probably go out and buy the newer version of the multitech.
    Glad to see I'm not the only helmet freak around here.

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    I have had 3 Shoei helmets and always liked the fit. Was looking for the modular helmet and tried the Multitec, but found it barely cleared my chin. Felt like Jay Leno. Try a few on and then check some of the magazine write ups on noise levels etc. The pull down visor in other maker helmets likely to make me change.
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    I was wondering if anyone who has a built in visor also wear eyeglasses ? I am wondering if there is enough room between the visor and eyeglasses. I have to start wearing glasses, seems I wasn't reading my speedo very clearly....thanks to the deputy for letting me slide on that one. I guess it helped he was riding a RTP.

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    Well, I tried one but had to send it back. It fit my head GREAT, but the chinbar was to close to my chin......

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    Roxter Rider ;

    The HJC I have has the drop down dark shade and it does not interfere with my glasses .

    My Multi Tech does not have a drop down shade , so I added a small strip of window tint to the face shield at the top.

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    I wear one for work, (dual sport motor officer) and it's a well made modular helmet. A little more $$ than others but typical Shoei quality. A pinlock system would be nice but you can go completely old school and rub/smear a little foam shave cream on the inside of the visor and buff it clear with a microfiber cloth. Works very well and has a nice manly smell for a few days!

    I am pleased with the ventilation and it's one of the most quiet modulars I've worn. I wear earplugs on every ride. As far as the non removable liner, you can pour some water and mild soap in it, swish it around and rinse it out, let it dry, good as new.

    BTW, helmet selection is very subjective so ultimately, you gotta try on a lot of helmets and find the one that's right for you. Although I'm sure the new Shuberth C3 is very nice, I cannot spend $700.00 on one helmet. I tried one on at my local dealership and I didn't like the fit. YMMV...

    HJC just came out with the new "Symax III" but I'm done with HJC for now. My next personal helmet will be either a Shoei RF1100 or an Arai RX-Q both in either the Brilliant yellow or HiViz. I wear the Shoei modular for work because they make me. My personal choice for riding is a full face each and every time.
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    Shoei Multitec- Best Helmet Ever IMHO!

    Hey, saw your post and have had experience with Shoei, Schuberth, Nolan, and Arai (as far as top end stuff goes). After 2 weeks with the Nolan, sold it for a loss (poorly built [cheaply built!]). Schuberth didn't fit my head (thank God$$$). Arai doesn't make a modular helmet (why?). I know why... but really.

    Shoei Multitec- one of the highest quality helmets out there. When you close the Multitec, you know it's closed. I have a pin lock insert and never worry about fogging. I ride year round in Seattle. Have the Scala G4 in it too. Mine is getting close to 5 years old and will be buying another one soon. I may order overseas to get their Shearwater model (different colors). Or look at the new Neotec. I will happily pay more than $500 for a Shoei, but not many others.

    There you go. Avoid Nolan! I will never understand how they got such a good rep! A friend bought one and we went back and forth about the quality of Nolan for more than a year and he finally admitted it sucked.
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    Visor Info

    I've seen people complain that the Shuberth's visor doesn't stay open when vented if you are in direct wind. The Multitec has visor settings so that it stays open just enough and I have not had any problems with it closing due to wind. Of course, I do have a windshield but I ride with it in the down position mostly and still no problems. Good luck!
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    I wear the Shoei modular for work because they make me.
    Our local LEAs have to wear open-face helmets. Something about a kinder-gentler presence and not intimidating the soccer-moms, and tourists, with a Darth Vader aura.. .. . I'm guessing it's more like problems occurring at a really inopportune moment if the visor should drop unexpectedly after a stop.

    I like my MultiTech... if it had more side cut-out to increase peripheral vision (like the new NeoTech is supposed to have) it would be perfect. As far a drop-down sun shades go... don't need 'em. And, the chin-bar is pretty close.. ..

    Too bad the buy-in for the NeoTech is probably going to be pushing $650+.

    As far as the non removable liner, ...
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