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Thread: Tires...I know

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    Thanks I'm looking to replace my tires when I have the 6000 mile service done next week and I've been trying to decide on the Z8's or P3's.

    I'm really not concerned about mileage reports as I seem to get about 6000 miles out of my tires no matter what I've run, so I get to change them every spring regardless.

    My brain is telling me P3's but for some reason I'm leaning towards the Z8's. maybe it's the 880's I had on one of my cruisers many years ago, they really did transform the handling and ride. Doesn't sound like either tire would be a bad choice really.

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    Webb Benninghoven
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    I don't know about the Pilot Road 2's because I never used them. I just put my second set of PR3's on my 2012 RT. I am at 26k miles. My Original Bridgestone BattleAxes went all of about 6k miles. I didn't listen to the folks at my local shop & put them on AGAIN. Got all the way to 12k, and switched to PR3's. I couldn't be any happier. They're great in the rain, (we have 6+months of daily rain here & plenty of we driving experience) do very well on our highly abrasive road surfaces here in SWFL with the extreme heat, and provided great grip on trips to the mountains of NC/SC/TN/GA. Don't know that I will buy anything else until their "new and improved" one comes out. Would seem pretty hard to improve on my perceived perfection of this tire though.

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    Anyone know the new tire tread depth on the PR3's?

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