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Thread: Bluetooth for Shoei RF 1100

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    New company called U Clear, two of my fellow riders have installed these and have been very happy with their performance. That being said a package is at home awaiting installion on my wife's helmet complete with the FRS radio package and PTT switch
    Keep you posted

    Using a Bluetooth on a 1100 helmet either requires you use the Velcro or have to trim some of the rubber edging around base of helmet to fit the plastic retainer my experience

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    Either will do most of your goals. I've installed a Scala Rider G4 on my RF1100. I used the clamp but switched to adhesive due to bulk. It worked as well as that device can work.

    You will not be able to connect to the zumo and the iPhone at the same time. The iPhone may be paired to the zumo and the zumo to the headset if your goal is phone calls. If you want to play music from phone and hear Garmin you are SOL with current Bluetooth headsets.

    Either way you will have a brick attached to the side of your helmet. Not as bad as the old chatterbox units, but still noticeable. What is your concern? Looks, wind noise, ergonomics, etc. I notice the Scala is there at high speed. It whistles until I packed some cork tape up front.

    The controls are easy to use if you only pair to one device. Just remember it is a headset, not a communications system/intercom/mixer, etc.

    If you want a lightly used Scala G4 contact me. I used it for one day and promptly removed it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobonli View Post
    I'm in search of a Bluetooth system for my new RF 1100. I'll need to be able to pair with a Zumo or Iphone. I've read the threads here and appreciate that neither of the two major competitors, Sena and Cardo, do everything perfectly. I'm hoping those of you with real world experience with these units can help me make a decision. In order of most to least important to me:

    1) Install / affix to the RF 1100 without the need for drilling or adhesives. I thought I read somewhere here where a member had to use the adhesive strips on one of these units on his 1100, but I can't find the thread. I want a unit that clamps onto the helmet.

    2) Able to pair reliably with the Zumo and Iphone

    3) Good sound quality

    4) Ability to use earbuds rather than speakers. One dealer told me both can do this, but I'm only aware of a hack for the Cardo. I'll give the speakers a try, but I'm betting I'll prefer my Etymotics, which also offer some noise protection.

    5) Ability to use either a boom or button mic in the helmet. I'm not sure how well a boom would fit inside a FF helmet (I've only tried them on modulars) and I'd like the option to switch if the boom is too obtrusive.

    6) Easy-to-Use Controls: I know the Sena has the wheel and the Cardo smaller buttons. I could learn to use either if I had to. I've read here and elsewhere about people's Sena mounts falling apart.

    7) Inconspicuous. I don't want to look like someone strapped a WWII era field radio to my helmet!

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

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    I bought the Sena. Pretty satisfied. Just a limitation that I have to load music onto the Zumo microSD to listen to music.

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    Shoei RF-1100

    I have the Sena mounted on my RF-1100. Perfect fit. Easy clamp on, can be installed or removed in a minute or so.

    Go to the Sena Website - they chose to use my picture riding the Dragon on my K-1200GT with precisely this set-up.

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