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With the complexity of our requirements for a rally location versus available locations/venues It seems that in the future we will find ourselves limited to very few choices, requiring re-visiting more and more. The rally site selection folks really have their job cut out for them.

The rally at Bloomsburg was fine. I'd prefer more modern up to date facilities as in Redmond or Gilette for example. Perhaps if Bloomsburg had more air-conditioned (refuge) space, some of the heat related problems might not have been so severe.
More available indoor space is helpful for rainy spells as well.
Dually Noted.
Although as I usually hear from the curmudgeons... "Ya ain't gonna please everyone every time".
So... To dismiss an optimum venue for a lack of hotels is IMHO pretty darn silly. Can't book a room? Can't double up? Can't (your thought here)? Well then... I guess you ain't going to the rally. Or... Rent a RV/trailer locally.
The point is to see the Country, old friends and great riding. If yer only concern is bed... Well... Maybe yer gettin' too old for this.