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Thread: Las Vegas trip - weather worries - Sept 2012

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    Las Vegas trip - weather worries - Sept 2012

    I am planning a trip to Las Vegas for the last week of September 2012. It is easy to look up specific city weather but I am wondering about the roads to/from Las Vegas from the east (Ontario).

    I am worried about the early snow or other hazardous risks (freezing rain / ice) at the higher altitudes. If I come in/out on Interstate 40 through Amarillo (Tx) / Albuquerque (NM)/ Flagstaff (Az) will I have any problems?

    I may take other routes at the time but as long as there is a 'safe' route I will be happy.
    Doug A / 2011 R1200RT

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    Last week I rode from Boulder CO SE to Durango, then south to Gallup NM and west on I-40 into LA. There was some freezing over the passes in CO, but it got no worse than rain down in the high desert. Although cool, there was nothing approaching freezing rain or ice on I-40.

    I think you'll be OK. Keep your eyes open, and pay attention to what you learn online as you go. If it gets ugly, head south or stop.
    David Brick
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