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Thread: Heated Gear

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    Heated Gear

    Dear BMW MOAers,

    In an effort to extend the Michigan riding season a bit further, I am looking at heated gear. The two brands that I've come across are Powerlet and Gerbing. The former uses a graphite cloth that's sandwiched between the inner and outer layers of the jacket. The latter uses "microwire" that runs inside the jacket like the heating element you would find in the seat of your car.

    Can any of you who have experience with either or both comment on reliability, durability, warmth, ability to regulate and care of the garment(s)? Thanks.


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    Gerbings works well. My gloves are so hot they left a blister on my thumb once. I had the controller tucked under my jacket and could not adjust the temp. I don't know if that sounds like a glowing endorsement but it tells you how hot the gloves can get. I think I made an unintentional pun.

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    I use the Gerbings Gloves, pants, and jacket. I also use the dual controller. I wear it under my Darian Aerostich suit. I ride year round. Heats up in just about a minute and I can ride all day. Great stuff.
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    What about Warm N Safe?

    The Gen 4 stuff looks pretty nice.
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    I'm pretty sure Powerlet is made by Warm & Safe. Some people prefer Warm & Safe. Some people prefer Gerbing. I prefer Gerbing jacket, pants and socks. Warm & Safe gloves. You'll almost need to try them to see which works best for you.

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    I have a BMW heated vest, bought it before jacket liners came out, would recommend sleeves, as with just a vest, my arms do get cold. Was told if your core is warm, your arms will be as well, not true for me.

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    You can mix and match though sometimes you might need an SAE to coax adapter.

    I use a WarmNSafe remote dual controllerwith a Gerbings jacket. Got Gerbings gloves but I also have Barkbusters and stay away from electric gloves unless the tempsare well belowfrezing for a longer ride. Both WarmNSafe and Gerbings use coax and mixing is easy. Reason for the remote controller is easy of mounting and total portability but the ease of use of a built in when velcroed in a convenient spot.

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    First Gear also has heated gear and LOTS of adapters/mounting options. I just picked up one of their jacket liners second hand, but haven't had a chance to try it out yet.

    RevZilla carries them as well, so if you haven't used your gift card from the Rally, here's your chance!

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    I've got one of the earlier Gerbings jackets. Still heats up plenty fast and I seldom turn it up over 1/4 to 1/3 turn on the controller. Have to be careful not to set the heated stuff so warm that you start sweating.

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    I have the latest version of the Gerbings jacket. I am pleased with it's performance. Do as they tell you, wear it over a T shirt under your riding jacket. Be sure to get the thermostat and wiring kit to wire it direct to the battery. It will trip the Can/Bus system if plugged into the BMW outlet on all late model bikes.

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    I use the Tourmaster Synergy full jacket and pants. Worked great for me last winter. It was suggested to me to buy the set one size smaller than what I wear so it would fit snug and heat up quicker.
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    I'd be interested to know how many use a jacket or jacket/gloves combination and never use pant liners. Do you find the jacket is enough to keep your body warm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nobody View Post
    I'd be interested to know how many use a jacket or jacket/gloves combination and never use pant liners. Do you find the jacket is enough to keep your body warm?
    For me it's the opposite. My feet/legs need the heat way, way before my core and hands. Heating my core doesn't warm up my feet/legs. There have been a couple threads (at least) about this over on advrider. Seems to be pretty much two distinct camps about where people need heat.

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    I had a very bad experience with Warm and Safe gloves. Had 4 (FOUR!) pair fail on me in a 4-5 week period. I didn't yank on the cords, beat them up or otherwise. White Horse Gear was very accommodating and handled the returns without question.

    Apparently some of the gloves in that batch had defects in the wiring inside the glove.

    I now have Gerbings gloves- GREAT. No problems. And the Warm and Safe liner and dual controller (still working fine) use the same connectors as the Gerbings gloves.

    Heated gear is something that you don't think you need but after using it can't imagine being without HEAT.
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    Warm and Safe works well for me and the missus. I just the jacket liner, my wife has a jacket liner and heated gloves. Their customer service I found to be excellent.

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