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Thread: 07 K1200GT or 08 K1200S?

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    07 K1200GT or 08 K1200S?

    I have been an avid HD rider and left for awhile and had a R1200RT. Great bike, but did go back to the dark side. I am going to leave HD again and am torn between the two bikes. They are different, but both feel great! I do a lot of day riding and some long trips, but maybe 3 a year.

    Thoughts / Concerns???

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    If you put them both in front of me and made me choose one, I'd take the GT. I personally need the more upright riding position and am a big fan of the bags.
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    Had a HD, bought a R12 RT and sold the HD...sold the RT a few years later and got the K12S. The GT is ergo related to the RT ...except when you twist the throttle. The S will do long days and tours well ( for me anyways) . It also ups the fun factor over the GT as I have ridden both.
    I usually take my GSA on most of my travels, but have done multi day trips on the S with a big smile as well. The S isn't as much of an agressive position as some other bikes in its appearance category. Weather protection is def better on the GT. I was surprised how much you can get in the S sidecases, on travels I put a H2W duffel on and am good to go.

    One drawback is the LEO's view the S as a sportbike and it does not fly under the double take looks of said LEO's as the GT does When you are over 50 and pull your helmet off on the S, things usually tone down usually...
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    Here is the comparison Motorcyclist Mag did:

    2009 R1200R Roadster

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    Great article - thanks! My wife (5'1) rides about 20% of the time and she only rides for the day. I chose these two bikes, because I am only 5'7" with a 30' inseam.

    Still have to do some thinking. Really tough decision!

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    Any other comments / suggestions?

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    Do you camping,2 up or stag,type of rider & ditto (henzilla) thoughts - I gotta K12S & LOVE IT
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    I do not camp. I ride alot with a group who are all HD riders. We ride up into the mountains or go to maybe bike week in florida or maybe do 1 long trip a year. When I ride in the mountains, it is usually a day trip. About half of my day trips include my wife. Now as I said, I am 5'7", 30" inseam and weight 205 - I lift weights.

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    K1300GT vs K1300S

    I have never ridden the GT so don't rely on my input to swing your vote but as an owner of a 2009 K1300S, I can say it is a fine sport tourer. I do ride solo but between my panniers, tank bag and 50L duffel I think I could bring more than enough for me and my wife if she ever got the bug to travel.

    The one thing I will say is that the S is more enjoyable to ride at 70 mph or faster (I like 80 mph when the situation allows it) and it's less fun at 50 or 60 mph. Not to say it isn't fun, it's just less fun. I suspect the GT might be a better motorcycle to ride lazily.


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    Like others are saying, really depends on type of riding you do. I have a K12S, a good riding buddy (former HD rider) has an 08 K12GT. Highway riding, the GT wins hands down, all other situations, the "S". I've ridden it 500-600 mile days, down to Tail of the Dragon for a 1500 mile weekend, up to VT a couple times for 1200 mile weekends, plenty of trips to WV, plus local riding and my 65 mile round trip daily commute. I have neck issues so highway riding hurts me, but all other riding is great. I've ridden my buddies GT, might go that way when I get older (I'm 45) but not ready to give up the "S" yet. I added a Givi look a like trunk and First Gear soft bags with a roll top bag for camping. The wife doesn't ride more than a couple hours a day due to hip problems, so when we go long distance, (TN National, WV) she is in the car. You might find you get tired of waiting for your HD riding buddies............

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    Kent & John1969,

    Thanks for the feedback. I don't have neck issues, but since I lift weights I always forget about my lower back. That is the main thing I worry about. I'm almost 40 and still love to ride on long trips. But again, I mostly ride with my HD buddies and might be 300 to 500 miles a day. I do go to about 2 bike weeks a year in Florida (currently live in Atlanta, GA - but from Irvine, PA).

    I think I have ruled out the GT. I rode the RT. Nice, but not exciting.

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    I have chimed in before on these discussions, for me, the S is the better. I do very little at speed riding other than at the track. My weekly commute is from the coast to Sacramento via two lane state and local roads. Rarely above 60 mph except on the 20 miles of freeway and that is usually staying w/ traffic @ 75-80. Not enough wind protection for my 6' and 33" inseam (180lbs) frame for extended riding like that on the freeway. But in the twisties 20-55mph, it is outstanding. Have to admit, a friend on his GT was generally right with me all day long at the track, so it is no slouch in the twisties either. So, that is a 200 mile one way commute that I do weekly making for 7 hrs of riding in one day. Very easy and my lower back has issues, but never on the bike. Fractured my sacrum in a fall a few years ago, so my sitz bone may act up painfully on occasion, but the seating position for me is actually better than my K1200RS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I have been an avid HD rider and left for awhile and had a R1200RT. Great bike, but did go back to the dark side. I am going to leave HD again and am torn between the two bikes. They are different, but both feel great! I do a lot of day riding and some long trips, but maybe 3 a year.

    Thoughts / Concerns???
    What's your reason for leaving HD? What are you looking for?


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    I'm leaving HD due to weight of the bike for my knee. I also can't stand the heat coming from the air cooled motor. Living in Georgia's summer - it stinks!

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