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Thread: Technic Jackets

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    Technic Jackets

    Does anyone have experience with Technic Gortex jackets? I have been reading about the Monsoon and the Cyclone. They are pricey at $400 and they only come in black. Black absorbs the suns rays and I would think they would get hot in the summer. Outside of theat they seem like they would be good solid jackets.

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    The Cyclone is on my short list of candidates to replace my old FG Kilamanjaro. I've been checking the local shops in hopes that one would have a sample that I could see, but none have. I don't want to order one in to find out I don't like it and then be stuck with it. It does seem like a good jacket, but the black only colour is not my favourite. Sun's heat is not so much a concern here in Calgary (it can actually be a benefit), I'd just like a lighter colour for style.
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