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Thread: centerstand vs kickstand for parking

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    Quote Originally Posted by eap View Post
    Did you make/have made the extension portion ? There used to be a after market extender (wunderlich or Touratech maybe??) but it is no longer available...
    Made everything myself, have done a few extensions for others. PM me if you are interested.
    Ufda happens..........

    Need your R11xx Hall sensor rewired? PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragtoplvr View Post
    1.. If you wish to stand beside the bike and push off the centerstand, always point the wheel to the right, so when it rolls off it will want to lean into you. If it leans away, even an inch, you can lose it. DAMHIK.

    2. If you astride the saddle, it is easy to push forward with your feet and rock it off. On mine you can not get enough traction to rick it off.

    3. If using the side stand, always leave it in gear.
    Agree with 2 and 3. I can get it off the centerstand but it is very easy for it to fall away from you--been there done that.

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    I'm pretty much a woosie. I hate to put it on the centerstand. I tip the bike up enough to get rid of sidestand, then push down the centerstand, then shuffle my foot to a better placement on the stand, then the scary part is tipping the bike away from me farther and farther until I feel the r-side foot touch down before I can pull the bike onto the stand (otherwise it's impossible to get up on the stand - hernia time). Way easier to just hook my heel on the side stand while sitting on the bike (not easy, easier.....since the looped bar doesn't stick out far enough from the footpeg plate to make it 'simple') and push it forward. The owners manual says stand next to bike and do it prior to getting on and after getting off. Don't want to get on OR off the bike without sidestand down. This bike isn't light like some of my bikes 30 years ago.
    When it comes to checking the oil, here's my thought: Check oil when changed - on center stand. After that, cking it on sidestand is fine. If it was correct to start, and the reading on sidestand is a full window it must be o.k. since it can't add its own oil while you're not looking. If it goes to about middle of window, put on centerstand and double check it.

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    I find that my r1100 rsl is easier to put on the center stand than my 1967 r50/2 and it's lighter than the r1100. I find that with the r50 you have to have your foot blocked just right on the stand while you pull up hard on the crossbar on the handlebars.

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