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Thread: My tax ride

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    My tax ride

    I have to have continuing education units every two years to keep my professional license. I had a great idea this year, why not go on a long ride on my R1200RT and arrange a CEU class at what I thought would be the farthest point of the ride. Soooo - left Stockton, CA on 5-13 and headed north toward Seattle with stops in Medord (niece and her family), Sumner (Sister and her husband), and Seattle (old friends). Then headed East through Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Then down south through Wyoming to Casper and then Cheyenne where I had arranged the CEU Class which was held at Little America in Cheyenne. One day class and then homeword with stops in Rock Springs, Wendover and finally Reno. Then home. Great riding with day after day of changing scenery. Best part is come tax time, much of the trip is deductible since I am in private practice. Yippee - lower taxes and great riding! What a combination

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    Uncle Sam says, "No Pics, No Tax deduction"!

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