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Thread: 2011 Falling Leaf Rally - Potosi Missouri

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    2011 Falling Leaf Rally - Potosi Missouri

    I attended the annual Falling Leaf Rally in Potosi Missouri that is put on by Gateway Riders. This was last weekend, October 7th through the 9th. There were 805 riders in attendance, most of which camped. The weather and riding was exceptional. I just picked up a ContourGPS helmet cam and posted a video on YouTube of the entire Bixby to the Potosi rally site leg, with music. The pace picks up after getting by some road construction and the music is inspiring in the last half. It shows why we all ride.


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    Nice Video

    Thanks for the trip. From 1974 to 1976 I worked for the US Forest Service in the office right across from the Lion's Club park. No Falling Leaf Rally then, but the Potosi Motorcycle Club sponsored many enduros in the Mark Twain Nat'l Forest. I was riding a 125 cc CanAm then. Have the rally on my bucket list for 2012 or 2013, now that I live in MA.
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    Nice ...I did the reverse route on the way home from the MOA Open House a few weeks back.
    My trip however was a very wet one and couldn't enjoy the fresh pavement as I wanted to with wet leaves in the corners. The stop at the store was a welcome stop to dry out a minute and have some pie & coffee
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    Is that the new style Airhawk i see you toss on the tank? If so, how do you like it?

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    It's a Freedom Air

    The seat cushion is a Freedom Air. I bought it at a National rally a couple of years ago. I also have an Airhawk and I like the Freedom Air much better. It is a lot more comfortable and doesn't move, feel unsteady, like the Airhawk does when doing spirited riding in the twisties.

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    Nice video. I think I'll save it so I can see some blue sky and sunshine when winter finally hits.

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    Nice video. I'm likin' the looks of those MO roads. Maybe will get the chance to ride them next summer if I make Sedalia.
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